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We have a Chaplaincy Team offering spiritual and religious support to Specialist Palliative Care Service users. Team members are available to listen in confidence, offer support without judgement and pray with the patient if required.

The team is available throughout the year and also provides a 24-hour on-call service. A member of staff will contact the team on a patient’s behalf.

A spiritual needs review group meets quarterly to assess the service provision.

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy Team is an integral part of the life of Meadow House.  The team offers spiritual and religious support to patients, families and staff.  Spirituality is the inner search for our deepest beliefs and values and how we express them.

At times of change, crisis or illness we often ask questions and struggle to find answers.  The chaplains are available to all to listen, to respect beliefs and to offer support without judgment.  We offer spiritual and pastoral support when people are worried about things like illness, dying and bereavement, life changes, emotional hurts and relationships.  The chaplains are part of the team to let you talk, listen in confidence and pray with you, if you want them to.

There are now a number of different faith chaplains who can be called upon in emergency and for on-going religious and spiritual support .These men and women are representing the needs of Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and the Sikh Tradition. They can be contacted through the Chaplaincy team ext 5130 or through the switchboard for the on – call chaplain after hours. The Christian needs are met within the team or again by contact with an appropriate religious community of faith and we have very good links with the local churches, Polish, Roman and others.

The Chaplaincy team maintains its presence by regular visits to patients and attendance at the Multi Disciplinary Team meeting and by teaching sessions when needed for new staff. There are also regular Remembrance Meditations in Day Care throughout the year and Chaplaincy contributes to the overall Bereavement Care Services.

The Chaplaincy Team offers a listening and compassionate space to all faiths and to none and aims to mitigate the effects of spiritual or existential crisis which palliative care issues can induce. 

























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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