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There has been further consolidation of the psycho-social service to in-patients and out-patients, families and carers.  We were able to offer psychological support to over one hundred and fifty families in the year, helping both patients and carers to manage the diagnosis and stresses of terminal illness and the issues that this can raise for personal relationships and feelings.

We have been supported by both Hounslow and Ealing Social Services to provide social work support and recently the appointment of an Advocacy Adminsitrator to support patients and their families.  This enables us to offer our families care packages at home to enable patients to be looked after in their preferred place of care and to maintain best possible quality of life.  For example, in Ealing in a six-month period we are able to help over twenty new families in this way. The service appointed a dedicated Social Worker employed by the Trust for Ealing residents.

Meadow House has a team of Clinical Psychology, Counselling and Social Work staff.  

Meadow House has a dedicated team of Clinical Psychology, Counselling and Social Work staff.  

A diagnosis of cancer or other life limiting condition can sometimes raise difficult and painful feelings and emotions.  We are available to support people through some of the issues patients, families and carers can face towards the end of someone’s life. 


Our Psychologists and Counsellors are able to offer time and space if there are any worries or problems anyone (be it patient, family member or carer), would like to talk through.  Our Social Workers can offer advice on a range of practical matters.  For example getting regular extra care, finances, benefits, housing, wills, and (depending on your circumstances) immigration matters.  If they cannot help you directly they may be able to put you in touch with an organisation who can.

Our service is completely confidential and we will always try and arrange a mutually convenient time.  Normally we will see people at Meadow House and regretfully we are unable at present to see people at their home.  


Social Worker

Although we will take a referral from any of our colleagues in Meadow House, it is also possible to ask to see a member of the psycho social team at any point in your care with the specialist palliative care service at Meadow House.

Our Social Workers can assist you with advice on a range of practical and legal matters. These can include: Assessment for homecare services, nursing homes and the financial implications of these decisions, benefit advice, housing issues, advice on making future financial arrangements for your loved ones and issues around immigration. Providing assistance and support for the patients and their families. If they are not able to help you directly, they may be able to put you in touch with an organisation that can.

You can always ask to arrange a meeting with a member of the team. Our service will be private and we will always try and arrange a mutually convenient time.

Social Worker for Ealing patients - Shirley Stewart  020 8967 5706

Social Worker for Hounslow patients - 020 8967 5028

Advocacy Worker - to offer support with finances - Hibo Mohamed 020 8967 5942

Service purpose

On the Inpatient Unit, the Psychosocial Team provides:

Advice and consultation at the weekly Multi disciplinary team meeting regarding the psychological management of patients and families especially where there are complex issues affecting a patient’s palliative care and well being.

Individual consultation with patients with regard to psychological issues in palliative care and at end of life.

Individual consultation to families and carers with regard to issues of impending loss, communication and coping strategies for caring and dealing with loss.

Identification of individuals with potential high risk of poor bereavement outcomes for referral to the Macmillan Bereavement Service. We are also able to provide an Out Patient service:


Individual face to face consultation to patients recently diagnosed, facing death – understanding, adjusting to and coping with life limiting illness.

Similar consultation to relatives of patients facing life limiting illness – strategies for coping and communicating within families.

Both services also offer limited support to families where young children are facing the death or prolonged illness of a parent.  This is a particular skilled area of work and good preparation of a child facing loss can prevent psychological problems in later life.  The psychological service can offer a skilled service to families with special circumstances – learning disabilities, pre-morbid mental health problems. 


There is also a service to the Day Hospice offering all of the above.


If you would like further information about the Psycho Social Team please email:

meadowhouse@nhs.net  0208 242 5921
The Referrals Office is open Monday to Friday 08.30 – 16.00  

Dedicated email for referrals:


Office phone number: 020 8967 5758
Office fax: 020 8967 5756




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